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Blog 17/01/2020

A year to travel well

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    Extraordinary Experiences

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When you hear the word ‘wellness’, what do you picture? A spa on a tropical island? Maybe a far-flung yoga retreat or a detox health clinic?
But wellness (or wellbeing) can mean many things: from taking a road trip to landing in a different environment with only your wits and a rucksack for company. The goal is to give yourself  time away from the stresses and strains of ordinary life, and live in the moment – fully experiencing the present.


Restore your rhythm with music

Listening (and dancing) to music is one of the best methods of relaxation. We love nothing more than visiting Vienna to indulge our love of classical music at the State Opera House. The perfect way to slow your pulse and reduce your blood pressure. 

Escape the everyday

Nothing compares to the freedom of trekking through a desert, climbing a mountain or heading into the jungle to discover a world totally different from the one you normally inhabit. Exploring the wild undoubtedly heightens your senses and expands the mind. 

Find your (very) happy place

Wherever you travel to, you’re bound to find a specific spot that brings you new-found happiness. And there are few things more gladdening than connecting to nature – whether that’s surfing, skiing or just enjoying what the natural world can offer. If you want the perfect beach idyll try Soneva Kiri in Thailand, while there are few more luxurious mountainside retreats than Oman’s Alila Jabal Akhdar. Or, if you prefer a faster pace, Geneva offers the best of both worlds with stunning lakes and a glamorous nightlife.

Go solo – and love every moment

Quintessentially Travel MD Jenny Graham is a long-term solo traveller. Here she shares some of her top tips. “When you’re travelling on your own, a good method of getting to know people is to hang out with some locals,” says Jenny. “And a really good way of doing that is by joining an activity group in your new destination. That could be something like a running group or yoga class.”

Food is another way of bringing people together. Sitting around a table with a host family, eating delicious local food, is an experience everyone should try once.

Learn a new skill for 2020

If travel is about broadening the mind then there’s nothing better than learning a new craft or skill. And you’ll find few better places to do this than The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana – the perfect place to hone your outdoorsman skills.

Got a passion? Feed it!

Whether you’re mad about photography, crazy about writing or just determined to up your painting game, combine leisure with learning at one of our recommended destinations. We’re especially big fans of the art studio at the world-famous Sundance Resort – the perfect place to bring out your inner Picasso.

Indulge your sense of smell

As anyone who’s read Patrick Suskind’s Perfume will tell you, our sense of smell is incredibly powerful – largely thanks to the way the olfactory senses link to the limbic system in your brain. Interested? Stay among the lavender fields at Coquillade Village in Provence – where you can unwind in sunny, sensory bliss. 

Take an American road trip

The empty road. An open top car. And a stereo turned up loud. This is our American dream, and one of the best ways of seeing the country. Quintessentially Travel offers a range of guided road trips that combine adventure and the highest standards of accommodation. 

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