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Arkaba Station

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60,000 acres are available for you to relax within and enjoy at Arkaba Station. With so much to do, discover, and experience, a stay at Arkaba Station is bound to excite all the senses. This luxury property is set within a wildlife conservatory dedicated to the protection of Australia’s flora and fauna, especially the countries birds. Sit back and watch as kangaroos, emus, and other rambunctious wildlife thrill you as they set out on their Australian safari adventures. These adventures are directed by expert field guides who are able to answer every question. In addition to the land safari, take part in an air safari over Lake Eyre to get spectacular birds-eye-views of the land and water as well as embark on a landscape photography safari where a master cameraman will help ensure the best photos of the holiday are captured. Wildlife and nature do not mean a lack of luxury and Arkaba Station works to ensure that every aspect of a perfect Australian holiday is met.

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