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14 nights/15 days itinerary in Ecuador and Galapagos

Ecuador: Expeditions and Ecosystems

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To visit Ecuador is to explore a landscape of natural scenery that is bountiful and incredible. The place of decadent chocolate and warming coffee, Ecuador is a place that provides the world with some of its most indulgent treats. The ecosystems here are some of the most diverse on the planet, with the Amazon rainforest often referred to as the “Lungs of the Earth”. In this itinerary, guests have the chance to explore with these ecosystems as they make their way through Ecuador visiting National Parks, Eco-lodges and even sailing expeditions to the Galapagos. Connect with the Amazonian tribes and learn about their customs and practices as well as taking heart racing train journeys to the “Devils Nose”. This itinerary is an experience that is both as thrilling and diverse as the country you will be exploring.

  • Arrive into the Cotopaxi National Park for an expedition to see the peaks of the Cotopaxi and Antisana volcanoes
  • Hike to Mount Cotopaxi’s J. Ribas refuge where you will see the views of the volcanoes and Andean peaks
  • See the crashing waters of the Pailon del Diablo waterfall as you travel into the Amazon
  • Take a swing on the La Casa del Arbol Swing and see the sensational views of the city of Baños that is nestled between the mountains
  • Test your bravery as you embark on the “Devil’s Nose” train route that connects the Andes with the coast, embarking on steep slopes and precarious cliff faces
  • Explore the Inca fortress of Ingapirca, one of the best-preserved archaeological complexes in Ecuador
  • Spend time visiting workshops of local artisans and see them making jewellery, guitars, straw hats and other traditional Ecuadorian treasures
  • See the Orchid Farm that is home to over 2,000 varieties of orchids
  • Take part in a traditional chocolate making experience where you can make and taste chocolate goodies before enjoying a 3-course meal prepared by Hacienda’s expert chefs
  • Explore the Galapagos, searching for the Giant Tortoise, paying a visit to the Charles Darwin Scientific Research Centre, hiking to volcanic craters and even wandering through the organic coffee farms
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Illa Experience Hotel

Luxury Room | Includes Breakfast | 1 Night

Arrive into Ecuador and be welcomed by the warmest hospitality of the traditional Quito neighbourhood at the Illa Experience Hotel. Home to artists, musicians and writers, this creative area has cultivated a remarkable charm that guests will settle into on arrival. Using inspiration from the traditional Quito mansions, the décor is elegantly spread over ten bedrooms that represents the city’s colonial history. Ecuadorian cuisine here is unrivalled at Nuema, their award-winning restaurant, allowing guests to enjoy Ecuador as soon as you arrive.  

Hacienda San Agustin del Callo

Standard Room | Including Breakfast | 1 Night

Formerly the site of an Inca Palace and Augustinian monastery, Hacienda San Agustin del Callo is a hotel routed in Ecuadorian history. A short distance from Quito, it is in a colonial settlement that shows imperial style architecture that is routed in a sense of place. With a modest five bedrooms and two suites that have superior amenities, the atmosphere is welcoming and warm. Sights of the mountains compliments the Spanish Colonial style stonemason design and the smoke blackened walls.  


Standard Room | Including Breakfast | 1 Night

As you continue your journey through Ecuador, stop for the night at the quirky and comfortable Abraspungo, located in Riobamba. 38 bedrooms, all named after mountains in Ecuador are furnished to meet the needs of every guest. Magnificent gardens that lead off each bedroom highlight the exceptional nature in Ecuador that is untouched and wild. The Novoandina kitchen revives traditional cooking customs and indigenous ingredients to craft gourmet meals that incorporate local flavours for the ultimate authentic dining experience.  

Hotel Mansion Alcazar

Standard Room | Including Breakfast | 2 Nights

Formerly a magnificent mansion, the Hotel Mansion Alcazar is renowned as one of the best boutique hotels in Ecuador. Built in the early 19th Century and retaining its glorious heritage, the restoration maintained its architecture and decadent décor that pertains to the original mansion. A benchmark of luxury accommodation in the city, the service and hospitality of the Cuenca’s people will welcome each guest for a memorable stay in the historical centre of Ecuador.  

Hotel del Parque

Deluxe Room | Including Breakfast | 1 Night

Sitting within a tropical oasis in the heart if the Guayaquil National Park, the colonial Hotel del Parque has many refreshing and refined elements that capture the beauty of Ecuador. The waterfront restaurant offers the freshest seafood with the riverside backdrop is the perfect place to spend the evening after a day of adventures.  

Pikaia Lodge

Terrace Room | Including Breakfast | 3 Nights

Environmentally conscious and sustainable, Pikaia Lodge is designed to be an ecological retreat in Isla Santa Cruz. An extensive programme of land and marine activities that are held in individual or small groups that are all let by expert guides. Giving a glimpse into the ecology of the region, guests get up close and personal with the land’s nature and wildlife. The property’s yacht allows for excursions to the Galapagos islands to discover its unique ecosystem.  

Hotel Quinto Polo Club

Standard Room | Including Breakfast |2 Nights

A popular equestrian sport, the Hotel Quinto Polo Club is focused on the sport of polo. Guests are encouraged to relax and enjoy the country life. With daily training and matches, guests are invited to witness this adrenaline racing sport. For those who want to get more hands on, there is the opportunity to learn how to play with private classes and the ability to rent horses and learn how to ride like a professional. 

Napo Wildlife Centre

Standard Room | Including Breakfast | 3 Nights

On the Northern fringe of the Yasuni National Park, in one of the most bio-diverse regions on the planet, the Napo Wildlife Centre welcomes guests to explore and connect with Ecuadorian nature. Sixteen luxury cabins are comfortable places to spend the night and rest before a day exploring. What really draws guests here it the opportunity to connect with authentic Amazonian culture within the Kichwa Añangu Community and engage with the customs, traditions and ancient practices that have executed over many generations.  

*Price shown includes all domestic flights, Galapagos National park entrance fees plus tourist transit cards

*Price shown does not include international flights  

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