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Ol Malo Lodge

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A place to fulfil the safari dreams Ol Malo is dedicated to tailor making each and every experience during your stay. Having perfected their hospitality and knowledge of the last 100 years, the Francombe family have been living in Kenya and working with local communities since 1914. For guests, your time here is entirely your own, with no pre-timed game drives or a schedule to follow. The team have everything you need to explore the African plains, from helicopters to safari cars to horses, it is all at your disposal. The camp itself emulates a luxury ranch, using the materials from the land to create bedrooms and suites that feel like traditional Kenyan homes. The mobile camp, that is small and lightweight, allows guests to venture further into the bush to spot the shiest wildlife. The camp offers the owners experience for exclusive camp buyouts, the unlimited experience where they take your budget and fashion exceptional experiences and finally the Ol Malo Nomad. This is our personal favourite of all the experiences, where a tailor made itinerary is crafted to track the Kenyan game across the plains on foot, by camel, on horseback and even in a helicopter.

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