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Wa Ale Island Resort

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Easily accessible from Myanmar as it is Thailand, Wa Ale Island Resort is an eco-friendly resort that offers amazing views of not only the pristine ocean but also impressive rock formations that form this private island. With a philosophy for giving back to mother nature, Wa Ale Resort is surrounded by the Lambi Marine National Park creating an exquisite view from the 11 beach villas and two treetop villas. Wa Ale prides itself on the two serene beaches that are accessible to guests. Turtle Beach is the nesting ground for sea turtles. Be careful where you step as there is bound to be a sea turtle nest or two hidden on the beach. For a different beach setting, journey beyond the rock formation to Honeymoon Beach. Here, guests will be able to relax, swim, and explore the luscious wildlife that surrounds the white sand beach.
To fulfil that need for adventure, Wa Ale provides the ideal opportunities for any traveller looking to explore pristine waters and lush forests. There are endless possibilities to explore in an organised or more relaxed manner. Explore mangroves on a kayak or dive deep to observe the reef for a more structured adventure or take a leisurely stroll along the coast or swim in the calm waters at a more personalised pace.Whether it be planning everything out or going with the flow, get lost in the beauty of Wa Ale Island Resort.

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