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Kamalaya Koh Samui

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Koh Samui has long been known by Buddhist monks as a place of spiritual wellbeing and refuge. A retreat where spirituality will promote healing and realignment, the Buddhists believed that one must take this spiritual path in order to discover oneself and relish in the comfort that comes with shared experience. It is no surprise that when Kamalaya was looking for somewhere for it’s wellness sanctuary and holistic spa retreat that they chose Koh Samui as its base. Today, it has become well known as a place of healing and rejuvenation and guests travel from all over the world to partake in extensive wellness programmes that will aid in delivering them to wellbeing. Like Buddhists on pilgrimage, guests can embark on a journey of discover on one of Kamalaya’s expertly designed healing programmes. Whether it is to detox, lose weight, work on fitness, rebalance the mind, enhance sleep, reseting to healthy lifestyle or undoing the effects of stress and burnout, there is something that will suit every ailment. Using knowledge and treatments from the East and the West, utilising ancient practices and modern technologies, each programme draws on international knowledge from across the globe. Set within the beautiful location of Thailand’s natural reserves, surrounded by sweeping ocean views and lush vibrant jungles, it is a place where healing comes easily.

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