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9 nights/10 days itinerary in Antartica & Arctic

Adventure and Wildlife at 74 degrees North

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An abundance of adventure awaits you at Artic Watch Wilderness Lodge, where the otherworldly surroundings become your playground. Nature and activity take centre stage in one of the most remote locations on Earth, a location that only a privileged few will ever experience. Whether it be exploring the majestic terrain by ATV or paddling through icebergs and bearded seals by kayak, your included adventure options led by the Artic Watch Team will expand your horizons, while a schedule of specialist presentations offer an educational aspect. Capture your expeditions with help from the photography programme, making sure to record your rare encounters with iconic artic wildlife and ancient sites.

  • Hike the abundant tundra during the brief artic summer, enjoying the unique polar landscape
  • Raft along the crystal-clear Cunningham River, stopping only for lunch and to gaze at the breath-taking surroundings
  • Get hands-on, or choose to be a passenger, for an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) exploration of Somerset Island
  • Travel among the icebergs by kayak, taking in the wildlife of the coast, including a variety of seabirds, or on occasion beluga whales and bearded seals
  • Make like a native Inuit at Inukshuk Lake, and try your hand at catch-and-release fishing of arctic char
  • Glide over the mountains and sea ice on a specialised ‘fat-bike’, named after the fatter tires that ensure a smooth ride
  • Perfect for calmer waters, a trip through deep arctic canyons on a stand up paddleboard provides an intimate view of the ice floes
  • An optional paid excursion requires a short flight to Beechey Island, where polar bears, narwhals, and historic artefacts from previous explorers await
  • Discover pre-historic fossils and skeletal whale remains scattered across the arctic tundra
  • Enjoy the Canadian-inspired culinary delights of the onsite lodge experience
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Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

7 or 9 nights

The Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge enjoys a unique position, 500m north of the Arctic Circle. Placed close to a world-class beluga whale observation site, it is the perfect base to explore the otherworldly horizon of the arctic tundra, and offers fully-guided tours of its surroundings via a range of vehicles. All breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, coffee, tea, water, and juice are included in at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge.

Yellowknife Hotel 

1 night pre-expedition | 1 night post- expedition

Confirmed in your final itinerary, you will spend a night pre- and post-expedition in Yellowknife with an airport shuttle included.

*Price shown does not include flights

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