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A new decade. A new chapter. 2020 is a special year for Quintessentially Travel as it marks our 10th anniversary and we're continuing to delve into the concept of time; the most luxurious resource we all possess.

At Quintessentially Travel, we understand that time is a precious gift and over the last decade we’ve perfected the very best ways to spend it, connecting our clients with exceptional places, inspirational people and extraordinary experiences.

Travel can take you on a wealth of diverse journeys each with a different purpose. It might be ‘Time to reconnect with family and friends’, ‘Time to indulge in new cuisines from around the world’, ‘Time to explore nature’s unbounded beauty and enthralling new places’ or ‘Time to relax in a wellness retreat’. The choice is yours.

Throughout the year we’ll be celebrating with unique stories, enriching experiences and exclusive events – we hope you will join us.

Time to Reconnect

We understand the power human connection has to enrich lives. Whether you're looking to reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, the Earth or new cultures, explore our collection of holidays and hotels perfect for following your deep-seated desire to forge a deeper connection.

In Conversation: Costas Christ

We speak with Costas Christ, founder of Beyond Green Travel and ecotourism pioneer, sustainable visionary and award-winning writer about the balance of sustainability & tourism and how we can travel well by doing good. 

He shares the most important conservation lesson, why we should never buy wildlife products, reconnecting through travel and why he would like to interview Leonardo Dicaprio next.


"Quintessentially is selling time. The one thing we all lack. But's also the hardest thing to give someone"

The Times Magazine

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