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Belmond Pivoine

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All aboard! The Belmond Pivoine is a luxurious champagne cruise setting sail to allow you to explore the waters and relax without being to far away from civilisation. Designed to achieve the ultimate relaxed haven the four luxurious and plush cabins with large beds and marble bathrooms, create the perfect sanctuary aboard the Belmond Pivoine. The spacious cabins allow you to relax and watch as the boat glides through the water. Rest up and enjoy because as the days go by, the opportunities present to disembark at a variety of ports to enjoy activities and adventures. Whether it be hot-air ballooning, a tour of Narboone Market a champagne tour featuring vintage flavours, or searching the forest for truffles, there is something for everyone. Belmond Pivoine Champagne Cruising is a luxurious way to travel and explore France in a less traditional way. 

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