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Simien Lodge

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There are three words that perfectly sum up what luxury travellers will experience at Simien Lodge. Those three words are scenery, culture, and wildlife. First, scenery. Simien Lodge is located within one of the most spectacular areas in the world. Literally sitting on the edge of the world, Simien Lodge is a fabulous location to lookout and marvel at the amazement of the surrounding nature. Secondly, culture. The mountains and landscapes are not the only attributes that make this area so marvellous, the culture and history are rich as well. History dating back thousands of years including a church at Deresge Maryam or the monastery built within a cliffside. Lastly, the wildlife. A mountainous escape into the heart of the forests would not be complete without sighting any of the three unique species calling the land around Simien Lodge their home. The Gelada and its 500 friends and easily sight-able, the Simien wolf requires some patients, and the Walia Ibex can all be found in addition to other traditional african animals. Simien Lodge is the highest hotel in African and awaits the arrival of daring and adventurous travellers.  

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