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Blog 27/03/2020

Helping communities in Zimbabwe, Africa

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    Extraordinary Experiences

It's no secret why safari holidays are in such high demand. The chance to witness majestic wild animals roaming free in their natural habitat is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which can not only create thrilling moments that will never be forgotten, but also affect the whole way in which we interact with the world around us. Once you've been up close and personal with an endangered species, it can really make you reassess your priorities and your impact on the natural world.

That's why we're proud to work with the Singita Pamushana Lodge in Zimbabwe. Housed within the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, the Lodge works closely with environmental experts and conservation organisations to ensure that the black rhinoceros population which calls the area home is nurtured back to a stable level. What's more, they're also committed to giving back to the human community in the surrounding area, supporting the education of young children and promoting awareness of sustainable issues among the local populace.

A safari unlike any other

Set on a 130,000-acre reserve, Singita Pamushana Lodge is blessed with a truly breath-taking setting. The eight-suite site is perched high atop a sandstone ridge, affording guests incredible vistas of the Natural Parks and imposing Malilangwe Dam below. The Reserve’s primary attraction is its host of black rhinoceros, which are currently classified as “critically endangered” and which Malilangwe Trust is endeavouring to coax back to stability. However, there are plenty of other big game attractions inside the reserve’s confines, including buffaloes and cheetahs, lions and leopards, hyenas and hippopotami and many, many more.

Aside from the two daily game drives – which are conducted from state-of-the-art Land Rovers and accommodate a maximum of six guests – there are plenty of other experiences to occupy your time in this secluded corner of Africa. Active guests can partake of bush walks to immerse themselves in the local biodiversity or try their hand at fly-fishing in the nearby Chiredzi river. Those with a head for cultural highlights can visit ancient rock art sites, carved into the cliff-face centuries ago by our ancestors, or else embark on a community excursion to understand how the locals live. Meanwhile, holidaymakers who prefer an emphasis on laid-back luxury can pamper themselves at the spa and sample the riches buried inside Singita’s extensive wine cellar.

Whichever way you decide to fill your days, you can rest assured that the excitement doesn’t stop when the sun sinks below the horizon. There are dusk boat cruises which offer the perfect backdrop to a refreshing cocktail or stargazing opportunities for those with an eye for all things astronomic. And when the day is finally done, the clifftop fire pit is the ideal spot to swap stories with your fellow travellers, while the elegant design and decadent comfort of each suite offers a restful refuge when it’s time to turn in.

The three pillars of Singita

As well as being an incredible safari lodge and an unforgettable holiday destination in its own right, Singita Pamushana Lodge is so much more besides. Their conservation policy is supported by three pillars: biodiversity, community and sustainability. The first of those tenets is in clear abundance from the moment you arrive in the Reserve. With such a rich variety of flora and fauna all around, Singita works closely with their conservation partners to ensure that the delicate ecosystems in which the Lodge is situated are allowed to function in as natural a state as possible.

As far as the community is concerned, Singita is committed to making a real difference to the indigenous population. Rather than token contributions towards business or education ventures, they’re intent on sowing the seeds of long-term change with dedicated programmes which allow everyday Zimbabweans to thrive both socially and economically. For example, the Malilangwe Trust delivers schools meals for approximately 19,500 children in the surrounding area. Not only does this provide nutritious sustenance that is vital to the development of a healthy body, but also encourages attendance at school, thus promoting their mental and intellectual well-being, too. What’s more, the Trust employs mothers to distribute the meals, generating employment opportunities in the process.

The final pillar, sustainability, encompasses both of those mentioned above to create a holistic approach towards conservation and commerce. By caring for the environment and caring for individuals, Singita is following an eco-conscious model endorsed by the British environmental organisation Bioregional which has a reduced carbon footprint, corporate social responsibility and the welfare of the natural world at its core. By supporting Singita, you’re indirectly contributing to the sustained development of the Malilangwe Reserve and everyone and everything which calls it home.

Quintessentially giving back

It’s organisations like the Malilangwe Trust and the pillars which support their projects that demonstrate how conservation and travel can so easily complement one another. This year at QT, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary and one of our key campaign themes is to give back to the people, the places and the planet that have helped make the last decade so memorable.

Using our vast network of industry connections and our in-depth knowledge of some of the world’s foremost eco-tourism hotels and lodges, we can unite sustainably minded holidaymakers with their dream destination. Whether it’s helping to ensure the ongoing survival of an endangered species or giving indigenous communities the platforms they need to help them achieve their boundless potential, we’re committed to making a real difference with every journey we plan. To learn more about how we can do the same for your next getaway, get in touch with our travel specialists today.

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