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Blog 09/12/2021

In Conversation with Uma Subramanian, CEO of Aero: Reimagining Private Travel

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When was the last time you truly enjoyed flying? Whether you travel for business or leisure, alone or with family, most people agree that air travel needs a major rethink, especially post pandemic.  Enter Aero, the premium jet service launched in 2019 with CEO Uma Subramanian at the helm. "We believe that travel should be seamless and truly memorable,” says Subramanian. “We want guests to enjoy the whole travel experience, even before they get on the plane.”  ​Aero is reimagining private air travel in North America and Europe, where three new winter routes from London have just launched – to Geneva, Milan and Nice on the Côte d'Azur. Every aspect of the Aero journey has been meticulously designed to make guests feel at ease and to recapture the glory days of air travel. The company prioritises guest well-being and provides exceptional personalised service.  

Subramanian knows a thing or two about the wild blue yonder. Ever since her first flight as a small child, travelling from Detroit to India on British Airways, she has nurtured a deep love for all things aerospace. In 2003, she was recruited to work on Project Orion at NASA and help design future missions to the moon and Mars. She holds an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

We recently sat down with Subramanian to learn more about Aero, its new routes in North America and Europe, and its guest-centric approach to flying. 

What drew you to Aero?

When I started at Aero, I was asked, “If you wanted to completely rethink air travel and make it a radically better experience, how would you do it in an economically viable way?” That really energised me. The pandemic underscored how travel is essential to who we are as human beings. There is enormous pent-up demand for new travel experiences. At Aero, we are building a new approach to premium air travel that is best-in-class for comfort, safety, and service. 

Where does Aero fly?

After flying between Ibiza and Mykonos over the summer, we are super excited about our newest European destinations. Guests can now book flights between London and three popular European culture capitals: Geneva, Milan and Nice. We have seen huge demand for our mountain destinations in the United States and we are thrilled to be able to start our service to Geneva, ready for a highly anticipated European ski season. In North America, we recently announced service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Los Cabos. We also fly to Aspen, Jackson Hole, and Sun Valley.

What is the appeal of Aero for today’s travellers?

Now more than ever, travellers value service, time and quality experiences. Aero’s custom-designed aircraft and personalised service cater to that discerning audience. We have built a loyal following with couples and families looking for alternatives to both commercial air and traditional private jet travel. Our rigorous focus on guest safety and comfort, crowd-free private terminals, and spacious cabins delivers the peace of mind our customers are craving at a compelling price point.

What is the onboard experience like?

Guests can expect exceptional service from our dedicated hosts, a curated selection of artisanal snacks and cocktails, and an intimate, laid-back vibe. From booking to touchdown, every detail has been thoughtfully considered, including the jet’s intuitive interior lighting system, which transitions from brighter and warmer light during the flight to cooler hues in preparation for landing. Other details include hand-stitched Italian leather seats and a Bongiovi Acoustic Lab sound system, all lending themselves to a truly immersive in-fight experience. Upon arrival, our attentive Concierge team can help secure accommodations and assist with transportation to ensure your trip is both seamless and truly memorable. 

What are Aero’s plans for the future?

We plan on adding more routes to provide our guests with access to more of the world’s most coveted destinations. We are constantly soliciting guest feedback on our service and listening to where they want to go next and when. Later this year we will be announcing our spring destinations and in the new year we will be expanding our fleet.

Let’s end on a more personal question: What items do you never travel without?

A phone charging cable, my laptop, and the latest issue of Inc. Magazine. 

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