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Gōra Kadan

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Located on the grounds of Kan’in-no-miya Villa, a former summer villa of the Imperial Family, is Gora Kadan, a luxury villa showcasing the best of Japanese culture. Blending Japanese tradition with modern amenities, guests can enjoy so many amazing opportunities while staying at Gora Kadan. The main features of Gora Kadan include the hot spring water that flow from the source all throughout the villa and the kaiseki cuisine prepared with fresh and local ingredients. Relaxation is a significant part of a stay at Gora Kadan. The Kadan Spa offers many treatments and massages within an exotic building capturing the essence of nature which is also prevalent in the large public spas. The outdoor public spas feature the alkaline hot spring waters from onsite wells that rejuvenate travellers to ease daily fatigue. Steam saunas and bedrock baths can also be enjoyed by travellers to further relaxation and provide a detox effect. Gora Kadan is a place of beauty and serenity focused on natural amenities and the healing powers of nature.

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