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8 days/9 nights itinerary in Indonesia

The Komodo Islands

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The beauty of Indonesia is scattered across its tropical oceans, playing host to some of the world’s most vibrant natural pageantry. The spectacle of the oceans will be the focal point of your island sojourn. Sail around an unparalleled collection of islands and discover an ancient natural beauty that many can only dream of. Delve beneath the ocean's surface to witness the tropical coral reefs and vast array of unusual creatures. Feel the intimacy of these islands aboard your own yacht and relish in the majesty of Indonesia's rich nature.

  • Admire the kaleidoscope of ocean hues from the top of Padar Island, after you have trekked through its untouched wilderness.
  • Stroll along the famous pink beaches of Pantai Merah as you hunt for the native wildlife
  • Enjoy brunch aboard your ship before plunging into the ocean for snorkelling, diving & kayaking
  • Feel truly at one with these remote lands as you set sail daily, relishing the sun and sea for a truly replenishing journey
  • Lose yourself amongst the flora and fauna and be astonished by the wild boars, monkeys, buffalo and birds that roam free
  • Be transported from the demanding modern world and find your worries melt away in with the tide
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Private Charter - Silolona 

Your private charter will look more like it came from a classic tale. Crafted from traditional hardwoods and pulled along by ruby sails, your vessel will make your journey round the islands a magical one. Fully equipped for all the water-based activities, with a vast sun-kissed deck, you can soak up the sun before donning the diving gear for a new adventure beneath the waves. Specializing in cozy luxury interiors, you can ensure your voyage will be an adventurous one. As the sails unfurl and take you to the next island, feel the wanderlust grip you again and again.

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