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Mantracking in the Heart of Darkness

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Take part in an incredible, immersive experience deep in the heart of the African bush. On this exhilarating four-day adventure guided by former Special and Commando Force professionals your mission is to hunt down the enemy. Whether it’s repossessing classified equipment from a downed insurgent aircraft or tracking down a hostage taken by terrorists, you’ll learn how to visually pursue the armed enemy through unforgiving African landscape and the skills required to eventually close in on them. Do you have what it takes to master the art of mantracking?

  • Find and capture the most feared predator of all in a bespoke mantracking operation
  • Receive tactical training from former Special and Commando Forces Operators
  • You’ll be kitted out with the latest Special Forces clothing and equipment, ensuring you are fully prepared for your special assignment
  • Obtain the particulars of your top-secret mission only on arrival in the bush, then track down the live enemy force
  • Encounter Africa’s phenomenal wildlife as you trek through the bush
  • After each adrenaline-fuelled day unwind at a luxury safari lodge
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