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Blog 17/01/2020

Out of this world adventures to challenge you

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    Extraordinary Experiences

Challenge yourself with a range of extraordinary trips from Quintessentially Travel
For many people, a holiday is a time of relaxation and self-indulgence in luxurious surroundings. For others with a taste for adventure, they might want something a little more… challenging.
If you’re the sort of traveller who likes a hefty dose of adventure on your time away, Quintessentially Travel offers a set of experiences that push the limits of what a holiday can be.
From sailing on an ice lake in Russia to exploring one of the most arid deserts of Arabia, we work with our trusted partners to give you experiences that are not just one-of-a-kind but can also be individually tailored to what you need and want.


Sledding around the glaciers

Located between Iceland and Canada – and still an autonomous territory of Denmark – Greenland is a remarkable country, embodied by its abundance of ice, and the unique culture of the Inuit people. On this once-in-a-lifetime trip, you’ll be taken sledding around the country’s glaciers, while spending your nights in comfortable accommodation out on the ice. The goal is simple: to give you a new sense of perspective on this country’s unique place in the world, and how climate change is impacting it. A trip we know will stay with you long after you return.


Canoeing in the wilderness

There’s nowhere like the endless Mongolian steppe to give you a bit of perspective on humankind’s insignificant place in the universe. On this holiday, you’ll be immersed in the nomadic life of the country, and given a chance to explore regions untouched by the modern world. The first part will see you navigate the Orkhon River by canoe, before returning to the Altairegion on horseback. Every evening, you’ll sleep in traditional yurts, eat with your guides and switch off from the ultra-connected world.


Exploring the ‘Empty Quarter’

Occupying most of the southern third of the Arabian peninsula, the Empty Quarter (Arabic: Rub’ al Khali) is an ultra-arid section of desert that’s both beautiful and inhospitable. And yet people have lived here for generations, using their resourcefulness to survive in one of the most testing places on earth. On this holiday, you’ll explore the canyons and endless sand dunes with local guides, before experiencing sunsets which turn the landscape orange, gold and red. Long a subject of fascination for writers and artists, it remains one of our planet’s most enigmatic destinations. 


Ice-sailing on Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world – it’s 395 miles long and its deepest point is 1,642m. Every year, the lake hosts an ice-sailing race, a sprint around the lake in which boats reach speeds of over 100mph. And this will be your chance to take part. After extensive training on-location, you’ll be kitted out with a best-in-class ice racing boat and back-up team to make sure you’re battling at full strength. Who knows, you might even win! (Note: we can’t guarantee this.)


Learning mindfulness in the mountains

Nepal has been one of the most important centres of Buddhism for thousands of years. On this spiritual journey, you and your private mindfulness coach will travel to the mountainous region to immerse yourself in the practice of meditation. You’ll visit a series of Himalayan monasteries, where you’ll spend time in silent retreat, and then take part in public and group discussions.

The goal is to come home with a deeper appreciation of yourself and your place in the world. 

If you’d like to try one of these experiences, please get in touch.  

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