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Vumbura Plains Camp

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Splitting itself across two sites, the Vumbura Plains Camp has been expertly located to offer both water and land safari experiences in the heart of the Okavanga Delta. Fourteen bedrooms are split across the two sites are contemporary interpretations of the classic safari experience. Facilities that boast indoor and outdoor showers, private plunge pools, and secluded sala decks allow guests to retreat into their own tranquil spaces at the end of energetic game drives and safari activities. Open all year round to track the changing landscape of the Okavanga Delta, the camp witnesses some of the most dramatic shows in nature. As the grasslands flood and the seasonal rains replenish the land, the wildlife that comes to the delta is ever changing and bountiful. Whether it’s the elephant herds, giraffes, impalas, sable antelopes, kudu, zebra and wildebeest, you and your expert guides can track these gentle giants on each game drive or guided walk. These animals are tracked by their natural predators which is the most dramatic natural theatre in the world. Spot resident lion prides stalk their prey or the packs of African Wild dog as they work as a team to catch their latest meal. Even when they are not hunting, there is something remarkable about sighting cheetah as they snooze in the trees and the African wildcats as they blend into grasslands. The game drives also aim to assist in the various eco-projects that the Vumbura Plains partake in. One of the most interesting projects is the Botswana Lion Genetics Study that hopes to develop a comprehensive understanding of the genetic structure of Botswana’s lion population in order to understand and protect the future lion generations.

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