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Mara Plains Camps

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Safari is renowned for being one of the most exclusive and exciting experiences that travellers can experience. Spotting elusive wildlife across the African landscape has become a privilege for the chosen few. The Great Plains camp collection have opened their Mara Plains Camp in order to capture and follow the great migration. Millions of wilder beast make the migration across the Kenyan plains and the team at Mara are dedicated to following and assisting in conserving this phenomenon. Along the way they have selected areas where guests can stop to spot hidden gems that makes the safari experience so exciting. Lions resting from the noonday sun under acacias, cheetahs testing their speed across the plains and male leopards stalking through the wildebeest herd looking for a chance to pounce. The Mara Plains Camp is a safari experience all its own, sitting within the 35,000 acre Olare Motorogi Conservacy, the camp is secluded within a forest that hugs the Ntiakitiak River. Looking out over the river and great plains on one side and protected by forests on the other, it is an exclusive glimpse into the movement of wildlife throughout Kenya.

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