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Beana Laponia

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Beana means dog and Laponia means Lapland. Both words are greatly incorporated in a stay at Beana Loponia. Beana Laponia is a wilderness retreat in Lapland offering luxury and unique safaris. This gorgeous boutique hotels features beautiful accommodations, first class facilities, and an abundance of outdoor activities. Each of the 11 accommodations are beautifully decorated with unique furnishings and different from the next. They all offer personalised service and privacy. Peace and privacy are also aspects featured throughout the hotel because of the remoteness of the location. Far from other towns and close to the Arctic Circle, guests can enjoy the absence of others and the beauty of an unaltered view of the Aurora Borealis. The activities at Beana Loponia are endless. Guests can embark on a husky safari, go snowshoeing through the wilderness, snowmobile through the land and mountainous peaks, and visit a reindeer farm, along with so many other fun escapades both adventurous and educational.

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