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Luna2 Seminyak

  • Extraordinary Experiences

    Extraordinary Experiences

1960’s futuristic glamour is what awaits at Luna2, where modern Baliniese style is combined with beach side excitement. High tech amenities are included throughout to be at the forefront of technologically advanced stays. Considered to be the cosmic boutique hotel of the future, the hotel is a playground of white lines and stellar lighting. Named after the first spacecraft to land on the moon, it is inspired by everything space age. The guest areas and fun and engaging with the hotel having a Lunaplex cinema, whose 16-seats show nostalgic classics and the newest releases in a Bond-esque theatre. Cosy lounge chairs envelope you and the surround sound compliment the attendants circulating with popcorn -infused cocktails and champagne. Luna2 also hosts a range of activities for every guest to engage in, from private cooking classes, master mixology workshops and even computer game battles on the Playstation 4 on the big screen in the Lunaplex.

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