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Camp under the glittering night sky as the stars illuminate the sky in the vast expanse of desert in Oman with Hud Hud Travelling Camp. Luxury Tents, erected to bring the finest experiential stays to some of the most remarkable locations in Oman, are your home for the night. Exceptional service delivered by a handful of passionate individuals are set to deliver overnight accommodation and dining in the deserts or mountains of Oman. With pre-planned itineraries around northern and southern Oman, you can put your faith in the team so take through dramatic landscapes and fascinating communities. Alternatively, you can dictate your own adventure and work with your expert guides to create a journey that is entirely unique. The camps themselves are constructed differently each time to reflect the camps location and the seasons so that you can sleep most comfortably each night. Beds have proper mattresses, linen sheets, feather pillows and decadent furnishings, that come together to create a timeless Arabian camp. Large majlis adorned with rich fabrics and cushions are the perfect places to relax and take in the view. For dinner, tables are set up under the stars, laid with elegant crockery and linen tablecloths and lit with candles and oil lamps for the most magical and atmospheric evenings.

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