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Cap Rocat

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What would be more exciting than staying at a former military fortress? Embark on an adventure to the secluded Palma de Mallorca and be amazed by the fabulous architecture and stunning landscape. The fully refurbished fortress features restaurants, adventures, and sleeping accommodations including the signature Cap Rocat suites within the coastal defence batteries featuring three separate terraces at different levels where guests can enjoy breakfast, a nap in hammocks, or simply take in the views of the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean waters. Water is an integral part of Cap Rocat fortress hotel. The salt water swimming pool sits atop one of the former walls of the fortress. The Fortress Swimming Pool combines the best of sea and sky featuring exquisite views overlooking the Bay of Palma. The Bay of Palma offers so many opportunities for exploration such as swimming, deep sea fishing, diving, and other unique personalised sight-seeing expeditions. Embark on a water filled journey in both the pool and sea and explore the wonders of Mallorca at Cap Rocat, an amazing fortress hotel.

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