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Land of the Never Setting Sun

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Feast your eyes on rounded mountains, glacial valleys and emerald lakes as you journey through the breath-taking scenery of Northern Norway. With an unmatched collaboration of natural beauty teamed with traditional architecture, Northern Norway carries a peaceful charm that attracts visitors from far and wide. Each city exudes its own personality and offers a range of exciting experiences varying from a river with the world’s strongest current to a museum housing rock carvings from 4200 BC. Whether watching the northern lights rip through the night skies or exploring one of the many fjords carved out of the land by ancient glaciers, this itinerary will immerse you in the outstanding Norwegian lifestyle and bring you closer to nature in the process.

  • Experience the endless hours of light and the ‘midnight sun’ phenomenon that can only be enjoyed in this corner of the Earth
  • Begin your journey surrounded by the snow-capped Børvasstindene Mountains in Bodø which lies just to the north of the Arctic Circle and the shining of the midnight sun
  • Traverse the beautiful Vestfjord and drive through quaint Norwegian fishing villages as you head towards Mortsund
  • Expand your knowledge of nature as you overlook the rounded mountains on the Vesterålen Islands and compare them to the jagged peaks of Lofoten
  • Visit the famous island of Senja where you will find traditional fishing communities and the mystical Senja Trollet - the world’s largest troll
  • Learn about the indigenous Sámi tribe that resides in the far north and visit the Alta Museum where you will immerse yourself in native rock carvings that tell tales from circa 4200 BC to 500 BC
  • Reach the northernmost point of Europe on Magerøy Island and catch a glimpse of the midnight sun on the North Cape
  • Sail through phenomenal natural beauty aboard the famous Norwegian Coastal Express which takes you along the western and northern coastlines and holds the title of ‘World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage’
  • Stay amongst stunning historic wooden houses and the beautiful Arctic Cathedral that defines the idyllic town of Tromsø before crossing the impressive Ofotfjord between Skarberget and Bognes
  • Marvel at the natural phenomenon of ‘the river that runs both ways’ as you visit the Saltstraumen Maelstrom and watch the world’s strongest tidal current pull the water in both directions
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Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodø

Standard Room | Includes Breakfast | 1 Night

Conveniently located close to the airport, this hotel is the gateway to the north of Norway where you will begin your journey. Sitting close to Bodø’s pier, with charming views of the waterfront, guests will see quintessential Norwegian life unfold during their stay, from fishing boats in the water to the rare glimpse of the Northern lights on the horizon. It is a destination rooted in its sense of place bearing witness to Norway’s natural splendour.  

Nyvågar Rorbuhotel, Lofoten

Standard Room | Includes Breakfast | 1 Night

Sleepy red cabins sit on the banks of one Norway’s multiple fjords in the Loften Islands. Overlooking water that has romantic reflections of the surrounding snow-capped mountains are the perfect place to spend the night on your road trip. The tastefully decorated bedrooms keep with the traditional cabin exterior and are perfect for friends and families alike.  

Scandic Narvik, Harstad

Standard Room | Includes Breakfast | 1 Night

Stop in the Norwegian city of Harstad and stay in the contemporary Scandic Narvik hotel. Modern Scandinavian design in spacious bedrooms are the perfect place to spend the night. Enjoy Norwegian cuisine at the hotel’s brasserie or take a stroll into the city to find coffee and traditional Norwegian breakfast. End the day in the Thors Bar where guests can learn about the city’s cycling history over a crisp cold beer.

Senja Fjordhotell, Senja

Standard Room | Includes Breakfast | 1 Night

Idyllic and picturesque, the Senja Fjordhotell is on the island of Senja in Northern Norway, benefiting from the best of Norwegian nature. Stay in comfortable, cosy fisherman’s cottages for the night that sit overlooking the fjords with uninterrupted views of the mountains. An area of natural abundance, wildlife is ever present, so the hotel offers a variety of activities including dog sledding, guided hikes in the Ånderdalen National Park, fishing and boating excursions.  

Sorrisniva, Alta

Standard Room | Includes Breakfast | 1 Night

A unique experience for all, the Sorrisniva hotel is rooted in local tradition and local family values. Guests stay in traditionally constructed igloos that follow a different theme every year. An unforgettable and completely unique experience, the igloos are made from pure ice and snow and are adorned with ice sculptures throughout. Illustrating the very best of the local craftsmanship, the interiors are adorned with furs, fabric and cosy sleeping bags so guests do not feel the cold.

Nordkapp Arran Hotel, Honningsvag

Standard Room | Includes Breakfast | 1 Night

As you continue your journey through Northern Norway, stop at the fishing village of Honningsvag and stay at the Hotel Arran Nordkapp. Painted in a distinctive blue, the hotel sits in a sheltered bay close to the Atlantic Ocean where guests can get actively involved in the deep-sea fishing, synonymous with this region. Guests can go out with the fisherman before returning with their catch that will be prepared using traditional methods for their dinner.  

Radisson Blu Hotel, Tromsø

Standard Room | Includes Breakfast | 1 Night

You cannot get more north than this as guests stop in Tromsø for the night. Known as the gateway to the Arctic, this is and idyllic location that opens up to the polar regions. Perfectly located in the city centre for guests can enjoy the cities architectural and cultural wonders whilst also glimpsing the northern lights in the winter season. Recently renovated rooms that capture the elegance of Scandinavian design are paired with the modern amenities to compliment a guest’s stay in one of the coldest places on earth.  

Narvikfjellet, Narvik

Standard Room | Includes Breakfast | 1 Night

Sitting within the polar circle, the Narvikfjellet is where guests can experience Norway’s midnight sun. Where the sun never sets, this is one of the most remarkable natural phenomena that guests will experience during their scene. Guests can then experience the best, skiing, hiking and sledding all day and all night. 

*Price includes car hire for the duration of the stay

*Price shown does not include flights

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