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Special Operations Training in Freefall

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This is an adrenaline packed extraordinary experience that is unlike any other. Like a special force operative, this specially designed adventure will train you in the techniques and skills needed to execute both HALO (High Altitude Low Open) and HAHO (High Altitude, High Open) parachute jumps. An exceptional team of former special force operatives, with the highest-grade equipment and military aircraft are at your disposal for this three-day training session. In tandem with a skilled instructor, you will start the training at a purpose-built facility where you will lean the basics before boarding the aircraft to execute the jumps. Plummet to earth from 22,000 feet, travelling at over 120 miles per hour, see the earth from a whole new perspective, feel the wind rush past your face before launching the parachute. As you execute the HALO and HAHO jumps, landing on earth, on target, feel the adrenaline course through your veins from the special force manoeuvres you have learnt.

  • Take the plunge and jump from aircraft and fly towards earth at 120mph from 22,000 ft
  • Travel in a military grade aircraft to the appropriate altitude
  • Experience the air rushing past and see the curvature of the earth before you open your parachute
  • Like a special operations agent, drop silently in the sky undetected as you learn the HALO and the HAHO jumps
  • Have access to specialist and military grade equipment for this experience
  • Train with an expert and experienced team of former special force operatives
  • Jump in tandem with PENCARI Black skydivers for peace of mind and dedicated training
  • Start each day at a specially designed training facility where you be able to learn about the techniques and equipment before boarding the flights into the sky
  • See the sun rise on the horizon as you fly through the sky aboard the aircraft that will take you to your first jump site
  • Learn the skills needed to execute a ‘Tandem’ HALO jump
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The West Hollywood EDITION

Standard Guest Room | Includes Breakfast | 3 Nights

The newest EDITION property in the collection to land in West Hollywood. Sensational views of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, the hotel has floor to ceiling windows throughout to really take advantage of this as the sun sets. Contemporary Californian chic is carried throughout in clean décor that uses the most exceptional furnishings. The rooftop pool and dining experiences have already become renowned in the West Hollywood area as the newest kid on the block for entertainment and luxury.  

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