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Blog 3/26/2020

How to reconnect with nature and the natural world

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Technology can be a great aide to our daily lives; but it can also get in the way. A constant connection to the world wide web means that we're instantly reachable by work colleagues and personal acquaintances alike, no matter whether it's morning, noon or night. Sometimes, it does the body and the mind good to get away from all that hustle and bustle and go back to a life less frenetic. Why not use your next holiday to step outside of your technology bubble and reconnect with the planet? Whether it's the feel of cool sand between your toes, the soothing call of birdsong in your ears or the intoxicating aroma of a forest grove all around you, a nature-oriented getaway could be just the tonic you need to face the modern world with renewed vigour. Here's a selection of our favourite destinations that place an emphasis on an organic experience.

Joali – Muravandhoo Island, Maldives

Located within one of the largest and deepest atolls in the world, Joali lies in the middle of the expansive Indian ocean in the Maldives – it doesn’t come much more remote than that. With white sandy beaches, stunningly clear waters of topaz and all manner of exotic sea-life populating them, it’s guaranteed to transport you to another world from the one you’re accustomed to. The property’s prime location on the Manta Ray migration route means that at certain times of the year, there are up to 40 specimens of these incredible creatures within swimming distance of the reef. 

Our Travel Manager, Katie Macdonald says, “For an exotic experience, opt for the lush greenery of a beach villa. Meanwhile, the floating Japanese restaurant is an absolute must, with baby tipped sharks that swim alongside as you dine on sushi, teppanyaki and sip from the extensive sake menu.”

Amangiri, Utah, USA

There are few places on Earth more dramatic than Canyon Point in Utah, USA. This rugged landscape is generously endowed with canyons and chasms, mesas and mountaintops, free-running rapids and slow-moving desert sands. Indeed, for an environment that seems so inhospitable at first glance, the fact that humans have called this place home for more than 10,000 years seems quite remarkable. 

Reconnect with your ancestors by following in their footsteps throughout the many hiking trails or soar above it all in a hot-air balloon. Then, when the day is done, retire to your luxury suite at Amangiri to indulge in a post-adventure banquet and settle in with a restorative digestif.

Sal Salis Ningaloo, Ningaloo Reef, Australia

While the Great Barrier Reef might steal the lion’s share of the headlines, the Ningaloo Reef off Australia’s western coastline is just as impressive an attraction. Home to over 500 species of multi-coloured fish and 250 varieties of coral, as well as a whole host of sharks, rays and turtles, the reef has the added advantage of being accessible by snorkel rather than scuba gear. 

The Sal Salis, an exclusive beach retreat, is perfectly placed to take advantage of all that wildlife. The camp offers guests safari style tents, water-based adventures and the most comfort-inducing blanket of stars you could possibly imagine.

Tierra Atacama Lodge and Spa, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Another prime spot for stargazing, the Atacama Desert in northern Chile is renowned for having the clearest skies of anywhere on the planet. Meanwhile, back at ground level, the high-altitude lagoons, bubbling geysers and moon-like valley of the surrounding wilderness provide plenty of opportunities for daytime activity, too. 

The lavish lodge and spa has been designed with the utmost in indulgence in mind, with each spacious suite boasting floor-to-ceiling views of the Andes mountain range and delicately designed furnishings that take their inspiration from the wonders all around.

Bawah Reserve, Anambas, Indonesia

For water sports adventurers and relaxation vacationers alike, the Bawah Reserve in Indonesia is the perfect place to be at one with nature. This stunning eco-luxe resort is situated within a previously uninhabited marine conservation area and is only accessible by seaplane from Singapore airport, meaning you’re guaranteed to arrive in style and pass your days in blissful seclusion. 

With a tropical forest teeming with wildlife on one side and the great blue expanse of the Indian Ocean on the other, the unadulterated beauty of nature is sure to leave you intoxicated and invigorated.

Kakslauttanean Arctic Resort, Lapland, Finland

For a completely different way to enjoy the celestial spectacles above us, head to Kakslauttanean Arctic Resort, 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Finland. During the day, there are plenty of nature-based activities to keep you occupied, from a reindeer- or husky-led safari to downhill skiing and snowboarding. Once the night draws in and the sun drops beneath the horizon, it’s all about the glittering canopy overhead. 

Hunker down in your very own glass igloo and witness the marvels of the Aurora Borealis first-hand, or simply stare up at the boundless starry night and let a feeling of reassuring insignificance settle upon you.

A Quintessential connection

At Quintessentially Travel, we understand that everyone’s idea of the perfect getaway varies from person to person. That’s why we go the extra mile in understanding what constitutes the perfect holiday for you and your loved ones, including exactly which kind of experiences stimulate your sense of adventure. Then, furnished with that information, we can use our vast knowledge of the best hotels, resorts, lodges and hideaways around the world to tailor-make an itinerary guaranteed to delight.

When you’re looking for a holiday that allows you to reconnect with nature, there’s no one better equipped to make your dreams become a reality than Quintessentially Travel. Choose from one of the six nature-centric destinations mentioned above, or have a chat with our travel specialists to discuss a plethora of other options available to you, and we can take things from there. To learn more about our luxury travel portfolio, or to take the first step towards your next organic escape, get in touch with us today.

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