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Eolo Patagonia

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Embodying the spirit of the land and the culture, Eolo Patagonia was built where the first creole and European immigrants once set foot. The adventure of these travellers’ lives on today as worldly travellers embark on adventures within the land not only forever impacting the place but also being impacted by the experience of being within the region and at Eolo Patagonia. Eolo Patagonia is wonderfully located between a city and national park where guests can enjoy the area without being impacted by the tourist attractions. Eolo Patagonia is a place contained within thousands of acres making it a paradise for horseback riding, mountain biking, bird watching, and enjoying the simplicity of nature. Within the 17 unique and individualised rooms, guests can peer out their window and watch as the scenery unfolds exposing the wonders of the Argentinean lands.

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