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Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge

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    Extraordinary Experiences

Set alongside the luscious forest and peering out over the Terai landscapes, Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge provides the ideal place to enjoy nature and simply unwind. Built with cultural influences and local materials, Tharu Lodge offers guests the experience of living within a Nepalese village as the longhouse features 12 rooms. For those looking to live a bit more on the edge, nine safari tents are available allowing for the sounds of the jungle to be heard throughout the day and night. Exceptional experiences and pristine service are strived for at Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge. Apart from the unique accommodations, world travellers may also enjoy the lodge gardens where guests can enjoy lunch, relaxing afternoons, and evening bon-fires. Allow for the afternoon breeze to lull you into a mid-afternoon nap within the swaying hammocks. Waste the night away dining within the mango trees and sipping a creative cocktail. With a commitment to conservation, preservation, and service, Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge creates an unforgettable holiday with lovely accommodations, excellent amenities, and fabulous experiences.

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