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1 night, 2 days on a voyage to the North Pole itinerary in Antartica & Arctic

An Adventure to the North Pole

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    Ski and Snow

Experience the earth as you never have before on your journey to the very top of the world. Prepare for white wilderness, where the sun never sets and the icescape is constantly changing, on this ultimate Arctic experience. Journey from the Norwegian island of Svalbard and touch down on a unique ice runway constructed on the polar ocean, where you’ll spend two days making your way through the dramatic scenery of snowy deserts to the North Pole. Accompanied by highly experienced and knowledgeable guides, you’ll travel through the labyrinth of snow and ice that is only accessible to walk across at one time during the year, making this a once in a lifetime expedition. On a trip that feels as if you’ve travelled to a whole new world, where the sun sets above the horizon and temperatures can plummet to -35°C, travel across a landscape that is as magical as it is extreme. Make your way through the glowing snow that sits on top of the Arctic Ocean to reach the North Pole.

  • Enjoy the excitement of landing on the 1000m ice runway on top of the ocean
  • Marvel at the enchanting effects the light has on the ever-changing ocean
  • Land in Barneo Research station; the northernmost inhabited place in the world
  • Soak in the views of white deserts of ice and snow when flying further towards the North Pole via helicopter
  • Fall asleep in the comfort of a heated tent on the very top of the world
  • Walk through the thick fluorescent white snow en route to the North Pole
  • Wake to the mesmerising light of the sun on the glowing snow
  • Celebrate the once in a lifetime achievement of reaching the geographic North Pole
  • When returning to Svalbard, have a go dog sledding through the snow
  • Explore the landscape of Svalbard with a snow safari
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Newland Expeditions Heated Tent

After a day’s travelling, unwind and cosy up in a warm and comfortable heated tent that sits on top of the snow. Positioned in a unique icescape, where the sun never sets, you will fall asleep and wake to the sun shining down onto the incandescent white snow. Embrace the experience of a lifetime by spending a night on the northernmost point of the world. 

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